English Grammar Tenses

English Grammar Tenses
We use English in everyday life while writing emails mail, chatting with someone or even sending SMS. None of these actually need the core knowledge of English grammar however it is essential to abide by the grammar rules to write English when it is used professionally. Be very careful about capitalization, abbreviations, punctuation and spellings. Using them incorrectly can change the entire meaning of a sentence.

Following are few English writing tips-

Capitalization Rules:

· The first word of a sentence should always be capital.

· The proper nouns should also be in capitals.

· The Salutation and person’s title should begin with capital letter.

Abbreviations Rules:

· Introduce the word and its abbreviation before using it. It helps the reader to have better understanding.

· Avoid using full word again if its abbreviated form is already used earlier in the document.

Punctuation Rules:

·Put full stop (.) after ending the sentence.

· Leave a space after using comma (,).

· Do not use apostrophe with the plurals. It is used to contract the words and show possession.

Correct the Spellings:

Be very careful of the spellings as incorrect spellings make the sentence meaningless. The spelling of a word is often changed in its plural form. Following are some spelling rules to make a noun plural.

·For most of the nouns like Ball, Bag, Car etc, alphabet ‘s’ is added at the end in their plural form. For example: The plural of ball is balls, bag is bags, car is cars etc.


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