English Grammar Tenses

English Grammar Tenses
In today’s world it is inevitable and important to know English. English is in demand everywhere like jobs, studies, business etc & hence it is essential to learn English. Having fair knowledge of English not only boost the confidence but also improves the understanding on all perspectives as it is preferred everywhere.

The English communication is accepted internationally & hence Learning English is important. The best thing is that we can master English language by following few tips which will bring a major change.

Follow the tips given below & experience change in your English Communication.

 Make a habit of reading English newspapers, books, short stories, novels.

 Learn & memorise atleast five new words in a day & try to use them in your conversation.

 Read aloud to improve your pronunciation & to get rid of hesitation.

 Grammar is the backbone of any language & so is for learning English. The knowledge of Tenses, articles, verbs, modals etc. improves the accuracy. Refer any book or online content for it.

 Watch the English news like BBC , CNN etc to learn the accent. Observe the way the reporters speak & practise it on your own.

Article “an” is used if the first letter of a word sounds like a vowel (a, e, i, o, u) like an orange, an airport, an idea, an hour etc.
2) Definite Article: It is used to talk about a person or a thing in particular. Article “the” is grouped in this category.
Example: I liked the red striped shirt over there better than the blue.
In this sentence a particular shirt is referred, so definite article “the” is used.


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