English Grammar Tense

English Grammar Tense
In English Language, the articles are defined as special kind of adjectives used to describe noun. In a sentence, the articles are always placed before a noun. There are three articles: a, an, the.
The articles are categorized in two categories:
Indefinite Articles
Definite Articles
1) Indefinite Article: It is used with such nouns which mentioned for the first time in the sentence. It tells about a noun in general.
The articles “A” and “An” are grouped in this category. The selection of “A” and “An” is determined by the sound of the first letter of a word.
Article “a” is used if the first letter of a word sounds like a consonant like a bird, a planet, a tree, a university etc.
Article “an” is used if the first letter of a word sounds like a vowel (a, e, i, o, u) like an orange, an airport, an idea, an hour etc.
2) Definite Article: It is used to talk about a person or a thing in particular. Article “the” is grouped in this category.
Example: I liked the red striped shirt over there better than the blue.
In this sentence a particular shirt is referred, so definite article “the” is used.
Omission of Articles:
The articles are not used before proper nouns, meal time (breakfast, lunch, dinner) and the nouns followed by the words type of, kind of and sort of.
He has invited me over the dinner. Incorrect Sentence
He has invited me over dinner. Correct Sentence
What kind of a flower is it? Incorrect Sentence
What kind of flower is it? Correct Sentence
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